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Why Choose SPT?

SPT is your vertically integrated partner for all flexible packaging products, filling and packaging solutions.

Southeastern Packaging Technologies LLC (SPT) provides turnkey solutions for contract filling companies, brand managers and retail partners to seamlessly transition consumer packaged goods in automotive and household chemicals into eco-friendly packaging with a target plastic waste reduction of 250,000 metric tons to landfill by 2030.

SPT’s proprietary Bag-in-Box and Stand-up-Pouch systems also reduce plastic waste by up to 85%, pallets shipped by up to 40%, and outbound warehouse footprint by up to 33% while maintaining target margins.

SPT’s proprietary filling equipment, comprehensive operations and throughput strategies and training, in-bound procurement and logistics strategies, out-bound logistics strategies, and industry leading environmental impact analysis allow our partners to switch their operational strategies to provide sustainable packaging offerings while maintaining throughput and margin requirements.

SPT also owns, distributes, and licenses full rights to the FunLPro line of dispensing systems for rigid and flexible packaging, improving end user convenience and building valuable brand equity which allows its brand adopters to attract and maintain long-term, profitable customers.

The SPT Process


Products, Volumes, Supply Chain Needs, Distribution Methods



Select packaging style to meet customer needs and target margins

Packaging Selection


Select SPT system to meet customer volume and production needs

Equipment Selection, Margin Discovery, Sales & Distribution Strategy


Work with Ops teams to install, conduct SATs, train, and provide ongoing support

Installation & Ongoing Tech Support


Global network and industry-leading costing for flexible packaging components, national network of testing facilities and early stage go-to-market options, relationships with national co-packers for high volume retail and distribution

Strategic Partnerships

SPT’s Fully Automated Filling Line

Filling Station

Designed for oil based, water based, and food grade fluids. Multiple pump configurations for various fluid options and fill rates. Web-fed bag loader system for easy and fast bag insertion pre-fill. Quality control of filling volumes and accuracy built in. Current size options from 1G-5G.

Carton Erector and Bag Filling Station

SPT patented cartons use multi-stage fast carton erectors with melting glue to construct. This allows for perfect carton construction and maximum strength.

Bag Inserter

SPTBIB001 utilizes a “web-feeding” system to feed, fill, seal, cut and cap the finished bag for a variety of spouts. This process includes internal quality control and testing to ensure formula accuracy throughout the filling process. Maximum volume is 5 U.S. gallons. Finished bags are fed into a hopper which works in coordination with the carton forming machine, ensuring accurate and consistent Bag-in-Box installation.

Carton Sealer

Our carton sealing machine glues and seals our patented interlocking flaps ensuring maximum carton strength and best customer experience accessing the pouring spout.


Our heavy-duty palletizer stacks finished goods and inserts anti-slip sheets between every two layers of product for safe and secure transportation.

Bag in Box

  • Omni-Box™ Shipping Capabilities for Retail & E-Commerce
  • SIOC + FFP Capable
  • Retail Ready Packaging Capable
  • Up to 33% More Per Pallet Outbound
  • Up to 90% Less Freight & Space for In-Bound Components
  • Up to 55% Less Plastic
  • Cost Competitive
  • Hi-Volume Filling & Palletizing

Bag-in-Box Sustainability as Compared to Conventional Rigid Packaging


Full Truckload of 1 Gallon Bag-in-Box Bags is equal to

Full Truckloads of 1 Gallon Rigid Packages


55 %
Less Plastic Waste


Full Truckload of 2.5 Gallon Bag-in-Box Bags is equal to

Full Truckloads of 2.5 Gallon Rigid Packages


68 %
Less Plastic Waste


Full Truckload of 5 Gallon Bag-in-Box Bags is equal to

Full Truckloads of 5 Gallon Rigid Packages


85 %
Less Plastic Waste

Stand-Up Pouch

  • High-Definition Print & Graphics
  • Full Space Coverage for Marketing Communication
  • 95% Freight Savings for Bottles
  • Competitive Costing to Rigid Bottle + Label + Cap
  • Hi-Speed Filling Capabilities
  • 75% Less Plastic Waste Compared to Rigid

Stand-Up Pouch Sustainability as Compared to Conventional Rigid Packaging


Full Truckload of 1 Quart Stand-Up Pouches is equal to

Full Truckloads of 1 Quart Rigid Packages


76 %
Less Plastic Waste


Full Truckload of 1 Gallon Stand-Up Pouches is equal to

Full Truckloads of 1 Gallon Rigid Packages


76 %
Less Plastic Waste

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